What’s up?

Updated December 2019


2017 was a year of losses for us. Ed’s mother and Dayle’s father and sister-in-law left this world. Ed’s mother was 91 and Dayle’s father was 96. However, our work in Ghana went well. We saw progress on our strategic prayer requests. For example:

  • GILLBT put in place a plan, together with other Ghanaian organizations, to start work in all the remaining languages. There are only five at the beginning of the year. When we first came to Ghana in 2011, 10 languages still needed translation, there was no plan and only one new translation had been started in over 15 years.
  • We also asked you to pray that there would be more than a plan – that work would actually start. Two more translations were started in 2017 reducing the number left to 6.


Our role in Ghana is changed in 2018. We returned to the US in April, closing our apartment in Ghana. Dayle has no plans at this time to return to Ghana. But Ed will be working remotely through electronic communications and making
regular trips. He made his first trip back fir six weeks in June and July. During that time he worked mostly on a program to strengthen the local committees that oversee translation programs. When those committees function well, the translation goes smoothly and has greater use and impact. This is related to another of our strategic prayer requests. This project is one of two priorities for the GILLBT Director and Ed will be working directly with him and with other staff.

After our return to the US, Dayle started helping our son Matthew and his wife with watching their kids. She is ecstatic to be able to take care of our grandchildren, and on the other hand she is grieved leaving Africa.

At this point, GILLBT had translated the whole Bible into 15 languages in Ghana, translated the New Testament into another 17, and is working on 10 more
languages. There are 4 more languages to start work in by 2020, after two more were started this year.

This was another year of loss with Dayle losing a sister unexpectedly. Ed’s dad celebrated his 90th birthday.


Ed only made one trip to Ghana. He came back with digestive problems. So far tests have found nothing which is both good and bad news.

We are pleased that our Ghanaian colleagues are working hard and well. Translations were started in two more languages including one with very few Christians. It also seems that the work done to make language committees more effective is bearing fruit, although it is far too early to know for sure. We feel that easing out of our roles in Ghana was the right thing to do.

We have been living with our son Matthew and his family. But the family is growing. So we have decided to build a second house on their property. We hope to make that happen in 2020.

We had yet more losses. Dayle’s mother passed away and her remaining sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. Dayle spent weeks with her during treatment and she has gone into remission.