God’s Word in the Mazatec language changes lives!

You are blessed when you support translation.

God’s Word impacts our lives, and that’s why we share it

First African-American woman to finish a Bible translation

Believers dancing to the first worship music in their language
In some parts of the world, believers worship in a language different from their mother tongue. Their worship music may not be in the style of the music closest to their hearts. Worship must touch more than the intellect, so the heart language and the music styles with which people are the most conversant produce vibrant worship.

An example of a Ghana church choir (audio only)

Prayer makes a tangible difference in translation

Tibetans coming to faith through heart language melodies

How a tsunami changed Bible translation

What is happening 30 years after the translation is finished?

Impromptu reading of a translation in progress in Tanzania has dramatic results

The power of dual approach: Translation+Literacy

Useful, practical, everyday freedom

God’s Love, and Open Book

Psalm 103 for hundreds of millions

Transformation in place people go for witchcraft

Grassroots translation

God is calling national translators

Audio Discipleship in Zambia

Something’s missing – the need for translation

A young Senegalese woman’s life is changed through literacy

Why Bible Translation

David Bowden performs one of his poems

Amazing! God gets his revenge through love

Cute video illustrating the number of languages with and without the Bible. Great to use with kids

Poignant, even funny, video portrait of the differences between the haves and have-nots with regard to Bible translation

Interview with Wycliffe President Bob Creson

Roseline loses both her parents and enters prostitution. But a loving God brings her back to her home village where she finds forgiveness and freedom in Jesus through God’s Word. The Seed Company invites you to pray for bibleless peoples Francis Chan on the authority of God’s Word The future is open

How does translation work? The social and economic impact of translating the Bible into minority languages Why translate the Bible into African languages? An African speaks about the value and impact of Bible translation in the languages of Africa.
The Battle for the Bible in English This is a little video we did about the 200-year-long battle to translate the Bible into English and the people who suffered and died so that English speakers can have God’s Word in their heart language. Facts about Bible translation Here are some basic facts about Bible translation around the world Poem about the scriptures Why not teach them all English It is a question that I hear from time to time. After all, there are a lot of languages, so it is normal to try to think of a faster or better way. My friend and colleague, Eddie Arthur, the director of Wycliffe in the UK, gives a great answer. Besides, you’ll love his accent. We change the video on this page from time to time, so check back. You can see more videos about Bible translation and its impact on our YouTube channel:

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