Ghana is in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. It was known as the Gold Coast until independence in 1958. It has a population of 24 million and has two cities with populations over 1 million – Accra (2.3 million) and Kumasi (1.8 million).

The north is wooded grasslands while the center and south of the country is tropical forest. In many other ways the north and the south of the country differ. The south became Chrsitian quicker than the north. It also has benefited more from economic development.

The largest man-made like in the world, Lake Volta, lies in the center-east of the country. It was created by a dam which supplies the country with electricity. Ghana’s principal products are cocoa (world’s second largest producer), gold, bauxite, and agricultural products.

After two very rocky and difficult decades following independence, Ghana is experiencing solid economic growth. It holds free and fair elections. In fact, it has the best functioning democracy in Africa outside of South Africa.

Religions of Ghana

In the last 100 years Christianity has grown rapidly in Ghana. Today, 63% of Ghanaians say that they are Christian. However, Islam has gained ground in the last few decades while the number of Christians has remained stable. Of particular concern is the 15% of those who say that they are Christian but who have no regular involvement with a church. Bible translation and literacy in Ghanaian languages have been key elements for church growth and discipleship. The Bible translations done by GILLBT have had dramatic transformative effects on many communities in northern Ghana.

Languages of Ghana

English is the official language of Ghana. There are 78 other languages spoken in Ghana and none of them is dying out. 14 of them have the Bible, 36 more the New Testament and another 7 have some Scripture books published. That leaves 21 with no translation at all.

By clicking on “Play John 3 in Akan” below you and listen to that passage in the Akan-Asante language spoken in central Ghana, courtesy of Faith Comes by Hearing.

Play John 3 in Akan

Links to more information

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General information about Ghana

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