Please also take the following strategic prayer requests to the Lord.

Strategic goal #1:

By 2015, the churches in Ghana will have a plan to:

  • Start translation in all the languages of Ghana that need it, 5-10 languages
  • Restart all stalled translation programs in Ghana, 25+ languages

Strategic goal #2:

The churches in Ghana will:

  • Actually start work in all the languages where there is no work going on, by 2016
  • Restart all stalled translation programs by 2020
  • Finish translations by 2025, or 2030 at the latest
  • Deploy Ghanaians in support of translation in other countries in Africa.

Strategic goal #3:

  • By 2018, most of the people and money for the translations in Ghana will come from Ghana

Strategic goal #4:

  • Use of the translations in the mother tongue will be sustained and growing

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2 thoughts on “Pray

  1. Ed, thank you.
    I have prayed and trust God to answer your requests and receive our praise. God bless you and Dayle and all whose lives you touch.
    Marilyn Sheldahl


  2. It’s amazing thing to follow God’s work there. Blessings to you both! Praying especially for that next house and furnishings!
    Paula Garcia


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