Bible reading

This page contains some links and downloads of resources you might find helpful for your personal Bible reading and study, or to use together with others. Want to stay excited about Bible translation? Then keep the Bible central in your own life and the lives of those around you.

Why young people aren’t reading the Bible…and how to change that (book)
This new book explores the reasons why most young people in North America never read the Bible and looks at some techniques used by highly successful youth ministries.

10 minute summary of OT and 10 minutes of NT (video)
These Old Testament and New Testament summaries will help you put the various books, stories and teachings of the Bible in their historic contexts, so that you will better understand individual passages.

Bible Reading Bookmarks (pdf)Printable bookmarks with questions to help you meditate on the Scripture you are reading. Each bookmark takes a different approach. Print them all, or choose the one you prefer.

Bible Reading Plans There are a variety of plans and you can choose which translation. Then you receive and email every day with the passage to read according to the plan you have selected.

Bible Study without reading
A selection of free audio Scripture resources.

Verse of the day, daily or weekly devotionals, newsletters from Bible Gateway. There is a lot of selection here, stuff for men, for women, daily, weekly, modern, classic devotionals, etc, all delivered to your email inbox.

Free Bible App for Children: This app is available for Android and iPhone.

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