Everyone can help others understand about Bible translation. Here are some resources to help you do just that. These resources are designed to help a church, home Bible study, children’s Sunday School class or other group understand the needs of the bibleless peoples and the value of Bible translation into the languages of the world.

This page contains videos about Bible translation. Most are very short. They could be shown in Sunday School classes, projected for the who church during the prelude or as part of a prayer time for us or for Bible translation.
A history of Wycliffe and its work around the world

Latest numbers about Bible translation worldwide
The statistics are gathered from all countries and all organizations doing Bible translation. They are available in PDF format too.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
This site has lots of information about Bible translation and the work of Wycliffe Bible translators. There is store where you can purchase books, videos and other things related to translation.

Children and missions
A missions curriculum for children and links to other resources for teaching children about missions.
A site with lots of good information about short term missions trips. It is designed for students of the university, so some of the information will not apply.
This is a a timeline of missions, showing that missions started in first century and continues through today. It is not a recent addition.
A map showing linguistic diversity in the world.

A fun-filled, online family game to teach children about Bible translation.
A very helpful list of books and articles dealing with what the Bible says about missions. Includes are links to some articles which can be downloaded for free.


Unreached Peoples Prayer Card for Ghana (pdf document)
This prayer card is based on one created by Operation Mobilization. We have added information about the peoples where GILLBT (the Ghanaian organization to which we are loaned) is working.

Press Release (PDF document)
A press release with several variants. Can be used in a church bulletin, a local newspaper, etc.

Prayer PowerPoint (ppt, 700 KB)
A very short PowerPoint about us with a blank prayer requests page – for use in church services and other meetings.

Family photo 2013 (pdf, 1.0 MB)
Our latest family portrait

Prayer card 2013 (pdf)
Our latest prayer card

Portrait of us 2013 (jpg)
A recent photo of Dayle and I in Ghanaian dress

Size of Africa map (pdf, 1.0 MB)
Downloadable high resolution map showing the size of Africa (pdf 1MB)

John 3 in Akan – a language of Ghana (mp3, 2.4 MB)
Just for fun, or put it in the announcement Powerpoint at church

Our latest newsletter (pdf)
This is in PDF format so that it can be easily printed. Feel free to excerpt any information and distribute it with your friends and people in your church. Please do not post it on a website without asking. See our Prayer Page to download our latest photo newsletter.

Our latest photo newsletter (pdf)

Ways to Connect (pdf)
A brochure telling ways that people can follow our ministry or follow us personally.

Photo of us 2013 (jpg)
This is the latest photo (portrait) of us, taken in 2013 in our Ghana outfits. It is in high resolution for printing.

Bible Translation Activity Book for children (PDF)
A booklet that helps children understand the translation of the Bible of people who do not have it.

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